About Us

We the team with highly skilled in management, marketing and development. We focus clients to grow their business using our platform to gain more revenue
Branded Agencies, Advertisers and Publishers are yielding higher business value by using our platform.


Advertiser Platform supports both advertisers and agencies, a easy way to purchase, analyze and optimize mobile ad inventory from wide range of mobile ad sources.


Publisher platform supports to visualize the performance of every campaigns report in real time with various formats and allow to measure in various dimensions like ad requests, ad impressions, fill rates, earnings, CPC, CTR so on.


Our ad network
enables to reach you
right target groups
at anytime.


Real time reports enables
to visualize the growth and
the platform allow to optimize
based target and revenue


Our reporting enables
you to visualize your
revenue growth in real time
with various format


Our platform enables both
Advertiser and Publisher
with a tool that will allow to
manage their performance

  • Monetize your apps and mobile sites, increase your revenues and fill rates
  • Get high eCPM through our ad network
  • Flexible server to server API integrations and SDKs

Global Coverage

We reach all the countries through Mobile Display, Reach Media, Text and Video Ads


High eCPM & Fill Rates

Our platform allows to gain higher eCPM and high Fill Rates.


Rich Platform

We support all the platform like Android, Iphone, Windows and Mobile Web


Single Roof Solution

Our platform enables clients to manage their source